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Here is a list of our experiments - all safe, educational and easy for you and your kids to do at home.

We hope you enjoy them and would love feedback which we might post under the experiment.
*Magic Egg
*Colored Flowers
*Grow a Plant
*Sponge Float
*Wriggle Worm
*Magic Color Breakdown
*Colored Flowers Word Search
*Bouncy Rubber Egg Word Search
* Bouncy Rubber Egg Criss Cross Puzzle
* Making Yoghurt
*Growing Mould
*Leaf Litter
*Potato Plant
*Watch a Bean
*Plant Water Loss
*Colored Flowers Word Search Puzzle
*Make a Long-Distance Call
*Tin Can Phones
*Bells of Big Ben
*Feeling the Vibration
*Eyes on the Ball
*Feeling the Difference
*Left vs. Right
*Quick Grip
*Pinhole Camera
*Ringing Ears
*Shoebox Surprise
*Funnel Heartbeat
*Wake Up Taste Buds
*Sound through a Tube
*Watch Sound Travel
*Spread the smell
*Seeing the Vibrations
*Sound Catcher
*Twitching Straw
*Musical Pipes
* Hair Sensations
* Photosynthesis Definitions
* The Venus Flytrap

*Diver in a Bottle
*Sinking Orange
*Salt Water Egg
*Color Float
* Floating Modelling Clay
*Float or Sink Exercise
*Steaming Up
*Filling Space
*Chocolate Leaves
*Lifting Ice Cubes
*Solids, Liquids, Gases
*Building Molecule Models
*Filling Space Word Search Puzzle
*Laboratory Safety
*Three Layer Float
*Blubber Glue Ball
*Dissolving vs. Melting
*Making a Lava Lamp
*Magic Color Breakdown
*Vinegar & Oil Mix & Pour
*Lava Lamp Word Search Puzzle
*Hydrogen Bubbles
*Making a Volcano
*Making Volcanoes
*Volcano in a Bottle
* Growing Mold
*Green Penny
*Shiny Coins
*Acids and Alkalis
*Fighting Plaque
*Swirled Milk
*Soapy Froth
*Salt Crystals
*Rust Wire Wool
* Colored Crystals
*Make Sloppy Slime
*Rocket Cola
*Bobbing Raisins
*Speedboat Matchsticks
*Swimming Fish
* Run away Pepper
* Wriggle Worm
* Bubbles
* Sugar Cube Tension
* Insulators
* Slippery Ice
* Freezing Water
* Heat Conductors
* Drying Clothes
* Freezing Oil & Water
* Sampling Soils
* Bath Bombs
* Tea Changer

Images and Photos
* Photos and Pictures
* Balloon Challenge
* Flipping Clown
* Spinning Ball
* Spinning Bucket
* Parachute Madness
* A Clown that won't Lie Down
* Making Craters
* Broom Standing up
* Rising Coin
* Bending Pencil
* Bending a Beam in the Dark
* Shiny Spoons
* Back to Front
* Seeing Shadows
* Mirror Drawing
* Bouncing Spotlight
* Magic Color Breakdown
* Making a Rainbow Spinner
* Make a Hose Pipe Rainbow
* Making a Rainbow - (Sunny Day)
* Making a Rainbow - (In a Dark Room)
* Diver in a Bottle
* Sinking Orange
* Salt Water Egg
* Density
* Color Float
* Floating Modelling Clay
* Float or Sink Exercise
* Stuck On You
* Bending Water
* Resisting Balloons
* Rising Tissue Paper
* Types of Electricity
* Testing a light Bulb and a Battery
* Charged or Not Charged
* Charging up a Light Bulb
* Cold Hands
* Fresh Water
* Chocolate Leaves
* Drying Clothes
* Magic Jumping Coin
* Slippery Ice
* Testing the Pull
* Electromagnet
* Make Needle-Magnets
* Pulling and Pushing
* Pointing North
* Test a Magnet
* Fishing for Treasures
* Suspended Paper Clip
* Invisible Force Moving Car
* Blow Me Out
* Sucked In
* Killer Straw
* Lemon Diver
* Paper Plunge
* Lift a Friend
* Balloon Lung
* Cartesian Diver
* Marshmallow Face
* Amazing Paper Ball
* Exploding Canister
* Jet Engine Balloon
* Spinning Egg
* Dropping Orange
* Balloon Race Car
* Crystal Prism
* Light Beam

Forensic Science
* Fingerprints

* Light - Word Search
* Lava Lamp Word Search Puzzle
* Filling Space Word Search Puzzle
* Colored Flowers Word Search Puzzle
* Space Quiz
* Universe Quiz
* Heart Quiz

* Electrical Conductors & Insulators
* Heart Facts
* Heat Conductors & Insulators
* Light
* Magnetism
* Our Solar System
* Plant Life
* Prep for Science Experiment
* Raw Material & Man Made Materials
* Rock Types
* Science Dictionary
* Soil for Plants
* Sound & Vibration
* Studies of Science
*Water Facts
* Science Dictionary, Glossary and Terms
* Moon Facts
* Plant Facts
* Electricity Facts
* Forces Facts
* The Universe Facts
* Mixtures Facts
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